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Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology

Adopt the Ancient Wisdom of Metaphysics - A Genuine Art of Living:

Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology


Leverage on the Qi (energy) in your Environment to attain your Life Goals and create the Life that motivates you.

Play to your Inborn Talents and Strengths and you will thrive in any domain of your Life.

The Essentials to a Harmonious Life

Life Balance & Harmony
Life Balance & Harmony

Feng Shui Environment

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Life & Career Path
Life & Career Path

Chinese Astrology Reading

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Life (Re)direction
Life (Re)direction

Lifestyle Coaching

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  • Well-Living

  • Harmony & Happiness

  • Grow your Self-Confidence

  • Inspirational Environment

  • Regain of inspiration & motivation

  • Grow your career possibilities

  • Improved relationships

  • Enhanced Communication skills

  • Regain of energy

  • Grow physical and mental health

  • Enhanced Life Perspectives

  • BaZi Profile Analysis

  • Goal achievement

  • Personal Life Path

  • Clarity on your Career Affinity

  • Develop Self-Confidence

  • Optimize your Professional Potential

  • Uncover Your Inborn Talents and Strengths

  • Alignment with Your Inner Aspirations

  • Realign with Your Joy for Living

  • Alignment with Your Aspirations

  • Confirmed Well-Being

  • Life Fulfillment

  • Goal Achievement

  • Grow your Self-Esteem

  • Personal and Professional Thriving

  • Uncovered Career Options

  • Enhanced Well-Living

  • Harmony & Happiness

  • Home reorganization

  • Balanced Living

  • Energy flow

  • Supportive environment

Feng Shui Consultant


Pernille has always been genuinely concerned about the well-being and well-living of others.


She is passionate about Nature, the Universe, and its treasures, so she understands the importance of living in the right surroundings to feel happy and fulfilled.


Pernille has been utilizing Feng Shui techniques since 2006 for personal and professional usage.


Studying in the United States, Canada, and Malaysia, she acquires more advanced tools in Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics. She specializes in Life & Career Astrology & Feng Shui.

Merging Feng Shui, BaZi and QiMen allows harnessing the Ancient Wisdom's power to attain success and fulfillment in Life & Career.


Concerned and passionate about guiding others to fulfill themselves and live as per their "Life Purpose," she established as a Feng Consultant in 2014.

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