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Feng Shui & BaZi/Chinese Astrology - Home Organization
Make your Wellness a Priority

LifeStyle Coaching for Well-Being & Well-Living 

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Meet with Pernille!

Pernille has always been genuinely concerned about the well-being and well-living of others.


She is passionate about Nature, the Universe, and its treasures, so she understands the importance of living in the right surroundings to feel happy and fulfilled.


Pernille has been utilizing Feng Shui techniques since 2006 for personal and professional usage. To take it a step further and meet today's needs, she entered UCPO as a Interior Organizer very recently.


Studying in the United States, Canada, and Malaysia, she acquired more advanced tools in Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics. She specializes in Life & Career Astrology & Feng Shui.

Merging Chinese Metaphysics; Feng Shui, BaZi, and QiMen allows for harnessing the Ancient Wisdom's power to attain success and fulfillment in Life & Career. 


And to get it right, the modern and efficient Home Organisation takes your living a step further to attain an easy and harmonious life.


Concerned and passionate about guiding others to fulfill themselves and live as per their "Life Purpose," she established as a Feng Consultant in 2014. Other tools, such as Interior Organisation have been added since to ensure to help her clients create the best possible conditions to thrive. ​

My Specialisations within Chinese Metaphysics

My approach to a Better LifeStyle lies within Chinese Ancestral Metaphysics, Professional Organizing and my Danish angle and roots.


I combine Genuine Arts and Proven Methods of Living, Feng Shui, Home Organisation & Hygge to create an inviting environment and spaces for Well-Being & Well-Living. And the final touch to any Interior Organisation and Optimisation of an Environment is your personal (Re)Alignment with your Aspirations and Life Purpose. 

The result is Stunning! You will eventually get to your Destination.

Interior Organisation 

Make your Wellness a Priority

I offer a variety of tools! ! Choose yours!

  • Well-Living

  • Space Reconfiguration and Structure 

  • Optimized Usage of your Environment

  • Space Organization

  • Life Harmony & Balance

  • Redefining the Usage of your Spaces

  • Regain of Inspiration and Energy

  • Grow your career possibilities

  • Improved relationships

  • Enhanced Communication skills

  • Well-Being

  • Assessment of your BaZi Profile - Natal Birth Theme

  • Discover your Life Path

  • Renewed Career Perspectives

  • Goal Definition

  • Gain of Self-Confidence

  • Optimize your Professional Potential

  • Uncover Your Inborn Talents and Strengths

  • Transform your Flaws

  • Realign with your Inner Aspirations

  • Well-Being & Well-Living

  • Life & Career ReDirection

  • Alignment with Your Aspirations

  • Review of Perspectives

  • Life Fulfillment

  • Goal Assessment

  • Enhanced Self-Esteem

  • Personal and Professional Realization

  • Harmony & Peace of Mind

  • Life (Re)Organization

  • Enhanced Energy Flow

  • Structured Spaces & Life

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In the meanwhile,

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