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Chinese Astrology - BaZi
Life Purpose

Life Path &
Career Potential 

With BaZi/Chinese Astrology
Reconnect with your Aspirations Boost Your Confidence

My job drains me! My life demotivates me! How can I reconnect with Passion?

What are my options? What can I do?

These questions have answers, and Chinese Astrology reveals to you, quite frankly, the path of life destined for you.

Know your energetic imprint, true identity, and path to achieve your goals and dreams.

Develop your full potential and create a professional and personal life from which you don't need to vacation.

Reconnect with your inner Drive. Realign with your Aspirations. Build and Boost your Confidence.

Give me a call to learn how your BaZi Profile can help and guide you to who you want to be.

Shift your Mindset & Take Action

using your Natal Chart (BaZi Profile) as GPS

Your mindfulness, career, or business success depends largely on your understanding of your potential and personal alignment with your Life aspirations.

You can transform your life by knowing your life options and possibilities.

Learn to make better and wiser decisions and get clarity of your Life and Career Potential. 


There's a path meant for everyone, but sometimes it can be challenging to find it. Instead of living your life halfway, you should step up for yourself and start living the life you desire.

Life is short! Stop wasting time not being you. 

Your BaZi Life & Career roadmap enables you to seize essential aspects of your identity and grasp WHO you are and can be. 

Open your Mind to the World of Possibilities.

Achieve your Goals - Atteinte objectif by Pernille Feng Shui Montreal Quebec

Benefits of Life & Career BaZi Astrology

4 pillars  4 piliers BaZi Profiling by Pernille Feng Shui Montreal Quebec
  • Get Clarity on your Life Potential

  • Develop self-confidence

  • Leverage your inborn assets and transform them into stepping stones

  • Position yourself for fulfillment and achievement

  • Take action, empower yourself and become more productive

  • Reconnect with your passion

  • Discover your hidden talents and learn to leverage on them

Content and Pricing

The Personality & Potential Profile
total of $347

  1. A call to identify your needs

  2. Detailed PDF-report covering your Personality & Potential Profile

  3. A Consultation Session clarifying and covering the Aspects of your Profile

  4. Follow-up Q&A session to keep you on track


Q & A


Any question about your Profile and how to optimize the information

(by video)

BaZi - Personality Potential Potentiel Personnalité by Pernille Feng Shui Montreal Quebec

Your Profile
will display

Core Identity

Behavioural Structures

Professional Profiles

Professional Activity Domain 

Job Options

The secondary profiles 

Inborn talents

Alignment with your purpose 

NO more wasting Time !

 Contact Pernille here


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