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Practical Workshop
Feng Shui

Live better and happier in your Home 
Adopt the Art of Living Feng Shui

Well-Being & Well-Living with Feng Shui

Ensure that your living and workspaces

support your Life Goals and desired LifeStyle

Evolving in optimized spaces

Increase your energy, health and achieve your goals.

I created this DIY as an easy reference point for organizing your home according to Feng Shui techniques and calculations.

It is accessible for anyone and doesn't intend to make you a pro - just to have fun.  

You will  learn efficient methods to set up your home in a more beneficial manner to design the Life you desire. 

Les 5 éléments - Five elements by Pernille Feng Shui Montreal Quebec.png

Feng Shui - The Tool to Discover

Live a more fulfilled Life

Adopt the Feng Shui Philosophy 

Feng Shui is based on observations originating more than 3000 years ago of the Universe's energies impact on Mankind and proven techniques and formulas stemming 200 years back.


I have extracted the easy and efficient methods to arrange your environment and create the life and dynamism you desire.


Learn to understand the energies in your home and you'll know the benefice of being and evolving in the right spaces.

Learn to rearrange your house or condo according to your current priorities and objectives, and start living a better and more fulfilling life.


Discover a simple, easy, ludic, and instructive DIY-course allowing you to create the life you want.

Bagua - by Pernille Feng Shui Montreal Quebec.png

The Benefit of

Life and Work Spaces with Feng Shui

Enhance and Optimize your Life

47 $

Known Changes






Family Relations

Children and their studies

Your Couple Relations

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