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The mix of the Chinese Feng Shui and Hygge, the Danish Life Philosophy, is the winning combination to create a prosperous, harmonious, and cosy atmosphere.

Two different pathways, and yet somewhat similar results wise.


Both aim for and support us to achieve the same life goal – HAPPINESS.

​Being in shape and healthy, having good relations, seeing our family grow, succeed in business, have a good career, and be prosperous.

Take a bit of good sense, some Feng Shui notions and techniques, and a warm and comforting dose of Hygge, and you'll have the ideal recipe to create the environment that fits 

your life expectations and aspirations.

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Feng Shui
Questions & Answer 

What is Feng Shui ?

Traditional Feng Shui, a thousand-year-old art, is based on the Ancient Sages' thorough observations of the Universe, the environment, and how these energies could impact your well-being and life quality.


Feng Shui is a technique to define the environment in which you evolve and allows to use and harmonize your environment's energies to live even better and feel even happier in your home.


Feng Shui offers a whole different image of your living space compared to the one you perceive ordinarily. It opens to new perspectives on how to live in your home. Some rooms or sectors may be more suitable to reinforce our health,  mentality, mindset, relationships, as well as our careers and businesses.

What are the impacts adopting Feng Shui?

Understand that the immediate environment – whether it be a home or a working area can directly influence your life, physically, emotionally, and mentally.
The environmental energies should be as smooth and constant as those in your bodies. This way, if you want to obtain significant changes in a specific domain of your life, it all starts by checking the energy flow in the appropriate sector of your home. If the energy is blocked, there are ways to unblock them by using simple and logical methods. This way, it won't impact your life negatively. 

Why should I use Feng Shui at home?

Feng Shui may preconize changes in your environment and your mindset to see the achievement of your goals and desires.

Understand that Feng Shui is always applied as to your goals of the moment.

May you aspire for a better career, a better family relation, find your loved one, have better health, only to mention some examples, your environment's assessment could be astonishing efficient.

Good sense, the right changes or rearrangements according to your environment's configuration may bring you the result you aim for.

Do I have to have a collection of Buddhas and crystal balls to implement Feng Shui?

Traditional Feng Shui doesn't very often use traditional decorative objects. It doesn't use colour codes and has nothing to do with lucky numbers. It not about buying the right Feng Shui item to succeed in a life transformation.


On the other hand, if you like typical Chinese statues, nothing prevents you from putting them in your home, but these objects will not make you succeed or achieve a goal. But I do agree that sometimes it may positively impact our mindset and remind us of the goals we have set ourselves.

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Questions & Answers

What is Hygge ?

First of all: Hygge is a word with multiple faces. There is no translation possible to Hygge. It's used as well as a verb, a noun, an adjective or adverb only by adjusting the base.

Secondly: Hygge is a feeling, a sensation, a perception, a capacity to enjoy a specific moment. A moment that you continue appreciating even after; a life philosophy.

Thirdly: You can Hygge alone, being two, with your family, between friends, outside, and inside. 

Fourthly: Hygge is a notion of enjoying and integrating any moment in life to its' fullest.

The idea about Hygge is to take the time - taking the time. 

Why is Hygge so special?

The most important thing is to allow ourself to take your time, and permit ourself to take this time and enjoy it sincerely with our heart and soul.

It's all about creating moments with simplicity, softness, and empathy. To take the time to live that moment without any thought about the "after." Make one thing at a time –as if you made a pause, and the time stops around us. 

And or course to make sure that the environment invites and inspires us to do so! And here we think materials, colors and lightings with the emphazise on the aspect of "natural".

The main keys to Hygge are :

Notions of well-being, cocooning, togetherness, ease at mind, and feeling secure – and most importantly -  not to have any expectations. You just let go and take the time.

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What exactly is Chinese Astrology about (BaZi Profiling) ?

BaZi Personality Profiling is a stand-alone method to decipher a person's identity deriving 500 evolving profiles. It gives access to areas about yourself you might not even expect.

BaZi Profiling is an operational and strategic tool that widens the horizons of your capacities and aptitudes. It brings forth your genetic profile, social profile, professional profile, and dreams and desires. You'll discover or uncover your strengths under each identity and even the professional profiles that fit the best regarding your personality and identity, values, and talents. 


In fact, the tool doesn't matter - it's how you will use the information.


Use your profile to open your mind to perceive the incredible potential you have right there inside you to direct your life in the direction you desire. 

What do I need to do to have my profile created in terms of Chinese Astrology?

First of all: There is no interaction needed from you; No formulas or questionnaires to fill and no possibility of twisting the result caused by stress or strategy.

Secondly: Access to your identity DNA. 

What do you mean by Identity DNA?

Identity DNA is nothing more than a date and hour of birth. 

YES, it is derived from an ancient system of Astrology. NO, it has absolutely nothing to do with the daily horoscope.

Is Chinese Astrology known and who would need it?

YES, and it's widespread, in Asia while getting more and more popular in the Western Hemisphere.


BaZi Consultants are broadly solicited by people from all parts of life with all kinds of needs. 

Those asking themselves about the pertinence of their place in society, those in need of redevelopment, a professional reconsideration, those in need of reinventing themselves without fear of making the wrong decisions..

And even people in business who need to make precise and efficient decisions, engage a new collaborator, or find the most appropriate associate or business partner.

In the Western part of the World, it is used less extensively because we aren't familiar with this practice. We need time to adjust and accept that other perceptions and methods can be considered a tool and not something mystical or esoteric. 

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