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Balance and Harmony with Feng Shui 
Well-Being & Well-Living

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See your spaces from another angle 

Understand the Feng Shui Relationship between your Home & Life

I feel tired, I rarely want to stay where I am, I don't feel at ease...

Your body and mind need freed spaces to feel secure, so there is no feeling of struggle. The sensations perceived by your body influence the fluidity of a free, focused, and calm mind.

Balancing the energies in your environment with Feng Shui techniques will help to live in harmony with your Home and give you energy for renewed opportunities in your personal and professional life. 

Give yourself every chance to feel at peace in your own home!

Your spaces mirror WHO you are and WHAT you want to accomplish in life. 

Your environment is essential to your life, like your mentality and mind.
Feng Shui for Life & Career is the Art and Science of assessing your space's energetic imprint and defining its potential. 

Feng Shui depicts and puts light on your home's energetic qualities (Qi). 

There may be blockages and energy sources holding you back from living an optimized Life.
A Feng Shui Study with a touch of pure Hygge will allow you to create Balance and Harmony and free the energies using in particular the 5 elements of the Chinese Metaphysics.

What is Feng Shui?

The Benefits of Feng Shui

Increase of Energy, Productivity and Vitality...

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  • Increase your motivation

  • Grow your self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Improve your career potential

  • Create professional opportunities

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Enhance your intimate relationship

  • Establish a better family and social life

  • Develop inspiration

  • Regain of energy

  • Grow physical and mental health

Feng Shui Consultation Options


starts at $597

small spaces < 70m2

  1. In-person or video walk through 

  2. Detailed PDF-report with your home's energy imprint and specific suggestions to free your spaces

  3. Follow-up Q&A session after you have received the report and made some changes

BaGua Chinese Astrology Astologie Chinoise by Pernille Feng Shui Montreal Quebec


Q & A



Let's discuss any space by video or in-person

(min. 2 hours for in-person)

Possibility of merging the options

Feng Shui & Home Organisation

Enquire about the rate

START living in a balanced Environment!


Contact Pernille now to discuss your needs




I have the solution for you - you can start out on yourself in a simplified and recreational way.

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