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Home Organisation to an Easy and Simplified Life
Well-Being & Well-Living

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Organize your Home for a better Living

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

I feel tired and overwhelmed. I get easily stressed and out of focus...

Your body and mind need freed spaces to feel secure, so there is no feeling of struggle. The sensations perceived by your body influence the fluidity of a free, focused, and calm mind.

Organizing your environment will increase your mental clarity, and your goals will have more sense. Let it become a state of being, and you'll discover that you will reduce bad habits by implementing positive changes. You will learn that less is more and will appreciate renewed efficiency of your spaces. Get your focus back to perceive renewed opportunities in your personal and professional life. 

Give yourself every chance to enjoy the feeling of vacation in your own home!

The Reason of Home Organization

Your Home mirrors WHO you are and WHAT you want to accomplish in life. 

Your environment is essential to your life, and so is your mentality and mindset.
Management and organization of your Home will lead to better perspectives and a more positive attitude. You may also feel more empowered and reenergized, and you will build and boost your Confidence.

With easy and efficient organizational methods, you will clean and clear your spaces and discover that well-organized spaces lead to productivity, peace of mind, good health, happiness, and an overall sense of Well-Being.

The Benefits of Home Organization

Grow your Focus, Productivity and Vitality...

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  • Saving time and money

  • Grow your self-esteem 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Being more productive

  • Gaining access to your belongings

  • Changing thought process and mindset

  • Becoming more focused

Interior Organisation Options


starts at $299

  1. In-person or video walk through 

  2. Detailed PDF-report and specific suggestions to reorganise your spaces

  3. Follow-up Q&A session after you have received the report and made some changes


starts at $679

  1. In-person or video walk through 

  2. Detailed PDF-report and specific suggestions to reorganize your spaces

  3. 3x follow-up Q&A sessions after you have received the report and started implementing the changes



Coaching video or in-person   $120/hour

Day-Rate - 1 organizer   $475/in-person

Maintenance service

(Annual, Biannual, Quarterly, Monthly)

starts at $95/hour

Possibility to merge the options

Feng Shui & Organisation

Enquire for the rate

START living in an Inspiring Environment!


Contact Pernille now 


My Engagement as an Interior Organizer

You can count on:

  1. Peace of mind - you know you're no longer alone to manage your interior

  2. A professional and friendly view

  3. 100% Confidentiality

  4. Attention to the details

  5. Eco-responsable suggestions and resources


I practice the 6 R's - Reduce, Reuse,
Rethink, Re-Gift, Repurpose, and Recycle


Let's have the environment in mind

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