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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


Have you ever thought about how important your mindset is to achieve your life goals?

Well, it might even be a key feature for your level of success. Never mind the level of success you are aiming for, you need to have an abundant mindset, and this doesn’t mean to live beyond the reasonable; Act as if your entire life is abundant.

If mentally, you put barriers and limit your thoughts, it will impact your actions and behaviour. You may even block yourself.

Take a moment to understand your function and how you would characterize your mindset.

If you discover that you may hold yourself back and you want to change your mindset, there are some small things you could consider :

- Go out and meet people. Okay, it isn’t that easy because of Covid, but you can socialize otherwise. We dispose of one of the biggest playgrounds to connect with other people – social media. When we meet new people, we may find inspiration to change what we don’t like.

- Pay more attention to your intuition. Don’t rationalize all the time. Ask yourself what your first impression was and if it would have been worthwhile following it.

- Expect a good outcome or a good result of what you begin. If you start to doubt yourself or the project, you will most likely not be able to twist it as you want, and you will have to fight for it until you understand that it’s your thoughts that need the twisting.

- Turn negative experiences or moments into positive lessons. There is a lesson to learn from any “battle,” and each one makes us grow.

- Show up. Show that you are here and that you count. Show that you can be counted on.

So open up your mind – be positive and act positively – and develop a winning mindset.

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