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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

Welcome to Pernille's Corner

HI everyone of your and Welcome to :

Pernille’s Corner.

Why, this blog?

Well, in fact I just want to share my passion, what inspires me as well as bribes from my daily life with you. So, I invite you to join me here with a cup of tea or coffee where warmth, serenity, discovery, development, studies, desires, passion, joy, enthusiasm, positivity, plenitude as well as HYGGE* of course, mix in a perfect harmony. Just a moment of sharing without any expectation.

For several years now, I have built a sort of affinity with some marvelous tools to achieve wellness and discovery of oneself, through Feng Shui and BaZi. Hygge isn't a discovery as I've grown up with the principles or ways of living. Even if it is «Double Dutch» for many people, I assure you that these principles really can make a favourable difference in our daily life.

Feng Shui is the Analysis of our Environment which teaches us how to get the maximum “return” of the energies there and then increase our wellbeing. BaZi which is Chinese Astrology, which has been update and where the BP Profile is derived from, tells us in details who we really are and allows us to live our life making the Right Decisions.

Four fantastic tools, of which two are very ancient metaphysics, one rather recent and the last one a real Life Philosophy, allows anyone of us to feel:


My desire is just to show that it is possible to do differently so that we can feel and be better.

So, welcome to all of you. I hope you will appreciate discovering my passion and profession and continue reading me.

*HYGGE is a Danish life philosophy and feeling that I have the pleasure to talk about later

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