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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

BaZi Profiling - A fantastic tool

The BaZi Profiling was created by one of the Grand Masters of Feng Shui and BaZi*, Dato Joey Yap, also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Malaysia. Based on 20 years of practicing, an infallible logic and personal observations, Joey Yan created this extraordinary tool, permitting all of us to have precise information on our possibilities of professional and personal success.

I know, that the BaZi Profiling may sound strange and mysterious at first, but…

Think about this.

Imagine, you are at a point in your life where you need to make THE decision that will have an impact on your Future. It may be about a new job, a reorientation, studies, returning to your studies, developing your own business, create a partnership, getting associated… You weigh up the pros and cons and even after having done your research, you still doubt. The first step is difficult to make because you want to lose neither time, energy nor money. Perhaps you doubt that… well, you doubt about a lot of different things, in fact. Which is normal.

And this is exactly what BaZi is about – helping you make your decision.

BaZi Profiling is…

the Analysis of your Personality, your Identity, your Behavior, the Professional Profiles providing you the best return of investment being as well the best choice for you in the long term, even personally.

Your Profile will also reveal your inborn talents and human values that you should improve, in which industry you will have the best chances to succeed, which company size will fit better as to your choice of job…

And your BaZi Profile can also...

Make you realize if you act in a favorable way or if you'd be better to improve or change certain behaviors that might be detrimental to your image.

In other terms, you may be surprised by its' exactness and accuracy….

End of Part 1

I hope you enjoyed this first part of what BP Profile is. I will post the second part in a few days giving you more information about this great tool.

So, see you soon.

*BaZi is the name for the Chinese Astrology born more than 3000 years ago. As this, BaZi is the Analysis of the positioning of the Planets, the Moon and the Sun and the impact the different phases could have on Nature as well as on the Mankind.

While studying Heaven, the Ancient Astronomers and Philosophers understood that these energies were significant for the well-being of Man. Furthermore, it occurred that the energies present on a person’s Day of Birth defined his or hers personality and behaviour as well as his or he’s way of thinking and considering life, his or hers relations with the family, friends, social cycle, at work, etc.

As such, these energies sort of created the DNA of his or hers Destiny.


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