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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

PROFILE BP - A fantastic tool – Part 2

PROFILE BP and the others

Of course, other Analyses exist since long. A Personality Profiling is usually known to be based on methods like Meyers-Briggs, DISC, MBTI and the Nova Profile.

Indeed, these tests allow a corporation to know further about a candidate, his strengths and weaknesses and which type of job may fit the best for this specific profile.

What is the big difference then?

Well, the results are derived from the Analysis of a questionnaire formerly completed by the candidate. According to the answers, the profile is then defined and classified by category. This means that the candidate is entirely involved.

All these tests have proved their efficiency and the results are accurate and precise. Though, some thoughts have been made. Some experts think that the results may be slightly influenced by a candidate's mood, a too big knowledge of the tests' functioning or the candidate's will to deliberately influence the result.

The BIG Strength of BP Profile is…

that the results are based on your personal numbers Your year, month, date and time of Birth. You are not actively involved in the processing and as such the results will not reflect your mood or ambition at a specific moment.

BaZi and BP Profile is largely used in Malaysia by big corporations when hiring key employees to ensure the compatibility with the politics and strategies of this company.

The BP Profile can define a person's aptitudes and performance in private, professional and social situations, in an exact way, providing a real advantage for any company or person wanting to succeed their objectives.

To know how and what…

to change and then improve one's weaknesses and improve one's strengths, clearly means that we can design our destiny, our life path and make it fit with our ambitions, whatever they are.

I truly adore the BP Profile, because I have learned so much about myself, and I continue discovering and realizing that we all have so many unexpected treasures in ourselves.

What an enrichment!


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