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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

THE gift to OFFER

The BP Profile - THE gift to OFFER YOURSELF or TO OFFER to someone who counts.

  • … Why?

What could possibly be better than really knowing the most important person in your life? Yes, I am talking about you!

Imagine what you can give yourself and then to others if you really understand the why and the how of yourself. Wouldn’t it be a true advantage?

The other day, when I thought it over, I realized that; not knowing ourselves as much as we could, is almost like being cold. Something is missing. So, we search how to arrange it, with «the tools at our disposal» and our knowledge. A big soft and warm pullover, a soft woolen blanket, an open fire that warms the eyes by it’s beautiful orange colors, sounds nice to your ears by the snap of the wood burning, a hot chocolate with double portion of wiped cream for the gourmand, a big cup of tea or a good coffee… We’ll feel comforted and find peace of mind. We’ll enjoy the moment and would like it to last.

For me, that’s what it is to know oneself and really understand who we are. It’s a comfort that we can enjoy, make last and that may lead us to SUCCESS.

And it’s this advantage that your profile with BP Profile will give you.

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