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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


3 C’s of immense importance - 3 C’s that make a difference.

And it’s up to us to use them if we want to redirect our life the right way and create a life of purpose.


We are faced with making a CHOICE.

There are decisions to make.

It isn’t always easy to know which CHOICE to take because it will undeniably impact other parts of our lives.

Of course, nobody can predict the result in advance. Nevertheless, we always end up deciding.

We end up unconsciously or consciously making the CHOICE to progress or stay in the same energy or pattern.

Frequently, we believe that we didn’t make a choice, but in fact, we took the CHOICE not to choose.

So, while being at it, isn’t it better to make the CHOICE that makes us progress in life?


Who hasn’t already heard: Oh my God, you have so much CHANCE!

Thinking it over, is it really a CHANCE?

Perhaps this CHANCE is the result of the CHOICE we made?

True enough, the CHANCE assimilated to fate or luck exists; striking the lottery, for example. We had the CHANCE to tick the correct numbers.

And yet.. we made the CHOICE to gamble; otherwise, we wouldn’t win.

Some may consider that we have the CHANCE to make the right CHOICE.

Unless this is merely a question of perception, being willing to really commit to it.

If we don’t believe that the CHOICE we are about to make can be successful, what good taking it? So, that means giving ourselves the CHANCE to succeed in the CHOICE to…

No matter the CHOICE. The most important thing is our perception and our degree of commitment to it.


Now is when it arrives the CHANGE.

Our CHOICES lead inevitably to a CHANGE.

CHANGE has started whether we decide to progress or stay in our mutism.

The perception of other possibilities leads to the awareness that life isn’t cut in stone and that we can change – if we want to.

The awareness is often the initiator of every CHANGE.

It’s the first step leading us to a reflection that transforms into a CHOICE.

This leads us back to the start.

In reality; it’s a circle of C’s

Of course, there will still be those who stay with their first impression…

It’s merely CHANCE.

And they overlook entirely the evident steps of the 3 C’s

We made the CHOICE to CHANGE and created our CHANCE.

PS.Of course, choices are easier when you know what to expect from Life and what Life has in store for you. This is where your BaZi Chart plays a big role.

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