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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

2020 -> -> -> 2021

The last or the first day of the Year - It depends on where you are in the World.

Wherever you may be, I wish you a prosperous, exciting, interesting, creative, fun, loving, healthy year, and may you achieve your goals and desires.

I wish you to fit your aspirations and make the best of your opportunities, skills, and Life Potential.

I have started preparing this step into the new year by changing the energies in my home; a thorough cleaning, steadying, arranging, decluttering, and preparing some rooms in my home to a new and different utilization from February 4th, Chinese New Year. The occasional dining room will find it’s usual location, the location of my home office will be in the East Sector, and I am also working on a new place for my husbands’ home office.

And today, I benefit from the energies of Success present during this day to prepare my Life plan, business, and marketing plan for 2021. I will outline the significant paths and steps and continue working on these plans in the coming two days, where reflection and strategizing will be the best way to use the energies. But I will initiate this work today to make sure the best possible to attain the success that I strive for.

I have taken a first look at my opportunities for 2021 to position myself personally and professionally. All in all, it will be a great year, as I will be aware of the changes and challenges, and as such, prepare my perception and mindset to do more of the positive and step back from the negative or, should I say unfavourable.

This year again, I will focus on what may bring me the best outcome and results, which allows me to experience personal growth each year.

Take care, stay safe, and...

Don’t forget to plan your best year ever.

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