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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


Why are many of us afraid of change? Why do we find it more challenging as we grow older and not just accept it? Why do we wait so often for change to come instead of initiating it?

Thinking it over, change is nothing more than a new experience. And a new experience can be so exciting and inspiring.

When we were children, we used to try out new things all the time. Each time we experienced something for the first time, it felt so great and exciting, and we felt so much alive and lucky.

Growing older, we tend to stay in our comfort zone and do what we are familiar with. It’s sad to say, but by stopping these new experiences, we’ve sort of lost these exciting and invigorating moments as if even that we have stopped living Life to its’ fullest.

Of course, there were more complicated changes, as changing school, changing the environment, moving house, but it didn’t tear us down. We got over it way more easily because somehow, we accepted it. By the way, it couldn’t be different. And we learned from it each time. We grew up dealing with changes that we didn’t always want.

The only thing that changes today when it comes to changes is our perception. We don’t accept not being in control of what happens. Just take a look at how we manage the present situation with the virus, the restrictions, and confinement. I agree, it hasn’t been easy, and it still not is. But how we deal with these changes is so important.

If we tried to perceive change differently, perhaps even the perception of our own Lives might change. We might feel happier by accepting what is out of our control and deciding to use it as a tool to grow.

In BaZi Profiling, we can see changes in our Chart and even finetune the moment and in what area of our Life. It doesn’t mean that we can avoid change. In fact, it prepares us to embrace and accept it. And with a calmer and wiser perception, the outcome may even appear more favorable. We could use it as a stepping stone to finally get where we want but didn’t dare to go.

So let’s relearn to love changes and to create more often.

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