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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


Today is the perfect day to start something new, launch a new business, a new project, start a new job or position according to the energies.

The energies of the day are “Initiators,” and they may enhance the positive effect of whatever we INITIATE, which may even be, beginning to do otherwise. For example, if you belong to the workaholics, it could be a good day to start learning to slow down, learning to take the time to take the time.

So, if your energy level feels a bit lesser today than usual, and deep inside, you hide the desire to dare take the time, well do it. Start learning to do it from today. It can be so beneficial to make a pause, take the time, chill out… name it as you want.

Do it the Danish way; make yourself comfortable, make yourself a cup of tea, coffee, or why not a hot chocolate with a double portion of whipped cream… what comes to your mind and that you associate with coziness - Hygge.

Light a candle, read a book, take a blanket, watch tv, make a fire… And enjoy doing otherwise. It could lead to a new way to get inspiration and even more energy.

Try it out – the only thing that may happen is for you to get addicted to Hygge.

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