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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

The BaZi (Chinese Astrology) Identities - The Wood Element

Presenting the BaZi Identities!!!

You can also watch it on video :

This first episode covers two identities as they share the same element those of the Wood element.

The only difference is their polarity. One is Yang, and the other is Yin.

The Identities (Day Masters) cover 70% of WHO and is as such our Primary Identity.

The images of plants and trees represent the Wood Day Masters.

Sharing the same element, they also benefit from similar essential traits.

Both can be defined as Progressive, Steadfast, and Persevering.

This means that it may be difficult – sometimes even challenging - to make them change their minds or persuade them to do something if they haven't set their mind.

But don't be blurred, they can also be very sentimental, and their roots are of great importance. Signifying that most of the time, they would rather prefer to stay where they were planted - meaning where they were born - and grow from here.

Both need to find some level of stability, and if "up-rooted", they may, momentarily, waste time, as they have to work hard on getting rooted or fixed again. But don't worry, as I said, they are perseverant, and will do what it takes to recreate a new firm footing. Therefore, some call the Wood Day Masters, the survivors.

Of course, the manifestation of these characteristics will differ depending on the version.

Let's have a look at the Yang version – which is called the Jia.

Large, big, solid trees represent the Jia Day Master, such as the giant Sequoia trees in California or the big Oak trees in Europe.

As such, the character of a Jia person will be someone kind, loyal, and steadfast. You can count on them. But they are also stubborn and robust, and most of the time, they will do it "Their Way." Their willpower and determination are under a surface of calmness and reservation.

If the identity is located in the Career Pillar, the Jia Person will display these traits. And we can even add that they are very ambitious and meticulous – especially when it comes to finances and they will strive to achieve their goals. Most of the time, they will stick with the same job, which isn't bad at all. The advice would then be to keep growing and expanding to make themselves indispensable.

The advice for the Jia Day Master if he/she needs change is: Diversification – branch out and replicate your business.

If this identity is in the Pillar, expressing desires and ambitions - The advice for happiness and fulfillment would be to continue growing, expanding, and learning.

Now, let's continue and talk about the Yin version of the Wood Day Masters.

Yi. The Yi Day Master is represented by the image of flowers, grass, and twines. And as you can imagine by the picture, they are more flexible and need more attention to thrive than their counterparts.

Their character would be gentle and subtle. They are quick-witted, fast, and excellent when it comes to communication. Often the Yi Day Master has an inborn talent to "play with the words" and may be seen as manipulators certain moments. But they are also tactful and diplomatic.

In the Career Pillar, this would be the perfect person to socialize, create networks, to persuade. They love challenges and be on the front line/stage, meaning that they can excel in any profession where strategies and negotiations are needed. They will mostly fare well if they work for themselves or at least have some kind of independence as they truly dislike being under the orders of others.

The advice for the Yi Day master if he/she needs change would be to learn to excel in networking, as they have an inborn talent to connect, they can be flexible, and they are quick-thinking.

If found in the Pillar of desires and ambitions, it would be to: socialize. If a Yi Master is solitary, he/she will feel unhappy. They need to express and exchange their ideas.

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