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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

Changed mindset? Yes, but how does it change?

Yesterday, I talked about the importance of having an open and positive mindset and gave some hints to change it. And then, this morning, I said to myself that it would be interesting to know how one feels with a more positive mindset.

It's most likely different for each and everyone, but..

Let me share my significant change here in 2020 to give you an idea about the difference it can make..

I started the year with many precise and clear goals, but looking back, I had the same mindset as last year. I knew exactly what I wanted, but I waited unconsciously for someone to come and give me the exact step-by-step action to take to succeed. Someone to tell me "How to, what to and when to".

Well, it doesn't work like this. Mostly, if we don't engage for good and don't have the right intention well, we may stay stuck in our dreams and desires for a lifetime.

Having the right mindset makes a huge difference. Mine has changed soooo much, and it continues. And since I make giant steps.

It makes a whole difference. I feel so great. I step up for what I want. I take responsibility for my actions without making bad excuses for not doing what I should. If something goes a little bit wrong, I take it as an adjustment and a sign that I can do even better. I feel free and happy. I don't focus on things I can't change. It's like having my brain washed. I feel awake as if I have been on "sleeping-mode" for too long. I listen, I learn, I understand, I communicate. I do the planning that fits my modus operandi. I dare things I didn't dare before. And I feel even more positive and energized than before.

And getting conscious of it, it's even stronger.

If you have gone through this, I would love to hear how you feel and the difference it has made for you.

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