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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

I can and I will...

The end of the year 2019 is approaching. Just one little month away from next year.

A lot haven’t reached what they wanted this year, nor even what they wanted the year before.

Some are waiting for the perfect moment – some think it’s a question of ‘not-having- enough-time’ – some blame it on others… The result is still the same.

Nothing’s changing.

What about you? Are you part of these people?

You dream of what you want to achieve, BUT you don’t ACTIVELY do anything to achieve your goals.

Your habits are the same. Your perception is the same. Your Mindset is the same.

The fact is: If you haven’t changed anything your situation is the same as last year, and the year before, and the year before that year, too.

And still, you are not satisfied with your situation, and globally you are not happy with your Life.

This means that it is time to consider what you want, what you are willing to let go, and what efforts you are ready to make. SOMETHING NEW MUST HAPPEN if you wish to TO CHANGE.

To achieve your inner dreams, you must inevitably change something.

One easy example is someone wanting to lose weight. This someone wants to let go of a certain number of pounds or kilos to be fit, healthy, and in top shape. Do you think that this goal will be possible if he or she continues eating the same things and still doesn’t do any sport or exercising? Is the objective realistic?

Whatever may be YOUR goal – ask yourself if the efforts you are willing to put in your project are sufficient. Do you really want to reach your goal, or is it just lovely dreaming about it?

Be honest with yourself. You can’t expect people or the situation to change, nor can you change them.

But YOU can change – YOURSELF! Start with your perception and your responsibilities, if you want to succeed.

You need an actionable plan. A plan with fix dates and step-by-step actions. Which means knowing:

What you are capable of

What your talents are, and how can you use them

Which skills you have to acquire or enhance

And also figure out if :

You can achieve your goal alone


You need to surround yourself

Succeeding the CHANGE accordingly to your desires implies finding answers to your questions you have to make your plan and stop dreaming.

FRET NOT! You are only some clicks away to access your BaZi Profiling displaying your Full Potential.

Only a few clicks away to know the Better Choices to make et Decisions to take.

Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do!

Let it all begin. Take the first STEP.

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