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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

I'm just Me!


Have you ever heard yourself or anyone else say: I'm just Me!

Of course, you are you! But, do you know that there is actually much more into it than this simple statement?

Who are you, really? And in which situation? Who are you in your Social Life? At Work? With your Colleagues? Or your Boss? At Home? And Who do you dream of being?

We don't just have one personality. We have multiple personalities, and we use different aspects of them depending on the situation.

Very few people can pretend to be just Them. Very few people are only displaying one single personality.

In fact, we dispose of Four Identities that we deploy in various situations of our lives. Furthermore, we distinguish between an evident and hidden identity, meaning that you are way more than what people see at first sight.

And that also means that you don't reveal your hidden identity to everyone you meet. Perhaps, you aren't even aware of the treasures and talents you have deep down inside.

A person or identity is very complex. Scientifically and neurologically, we know that nothing is obvious nor simple. And of course, this doesn't make it any simpler for ourselves.

Therefore, it's a real advantage to get a more significant grasp of who we are and even who we actually can be. By knowing and understanding the complexity of ourselves, we can make strategic decisions on how to position ourselves in our daily and future Life.

With BaZi (Chinese Astrology), we can draw a beautiful painting of our personality and identity. Using our time and hour of birth, we access way more than just an animal sign.

Right here you will find an example of a Natal Chart displaying the entire fixed identity of a person. "Fix" because it is what this person was given at the time of his/her birth.

Every pillar displays and shows the visible and hidden identity of this person in various areas of his/her Life, as well as his/her talents.

How this person behaves, his/her dreams, his/her relations with family members, friends, acquaintances, spouse, children, etc.

And…... this is only one part of the painting.

The second part covers our evolving in Life, how we continue growing and progressing, What challenges we may meet on our path, and what will be available for us, when it comes to opportunities.

This part is called the Dynamic Chart, also called the Luck Pillars, and it displays our life path and what will be in store for us to build on and enrich ourselves.

As such, this chart covers our Life possibilities.

BaZi – BaZi Profile – is a highly strategic tool that can guide us and help us make better and wiser decisions in our Life. A real asset to achieve our Goal by understanding and making use of our Full Potential.

This post (you can see the video here is the first of a series to come where I will share the different types of personalities – there are a total of Ten.

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