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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret



There we are – I have made my decision, I want to be a surfer!

And you?

I want to find my wave! The one that will fulfill me, make me vibrate, live the adventure, let me experiment, and put in all of my capacities.

I want to find my wave! The wave that can take me across the world with passion and drive. It must better be solid and long because I have so much to achieve.

I am looking for THE wave that can provide me all the sensations I need to feel alive.

I want to live and feel the adrenaline, conquer the challenges, go from one discovery to another and feel free.

My board

I will get it out of the cupboard, at last! It has been waiting so long until now. The risk is that it will end up dusty and may even one day lose its’ beautiful colours, if I don’t use it.

My board is shaped with a fantastic blend of capacities, life stories, experiences, skills, and inborn and learned talents.

I just need to refine, amplify, reinforce and rearrange it into capacities that can make my board ride the wave with strength and softness, firmness and skill, joy for living, and vivacity.

Well, finally, there’s only me and my mindset left.

I may have the desire to go for it, and I may even have felt and perceived the happiness of putting my board in the sea, ride it and get on my wave; but I’m still here on the beach.

I know that to erase the distance between the swell and me, above all, I have to understand that ultimately, I have what it takes.

I “wax” my ME...


My capacities reflect how I am. They are my brand, my soundness, my expertise, and they are what I need to take my place on the top of this wave.

I run, open the cupboard, take my surfboard, and get back to the beach.

I trample; I nearly can’t wait; I blow strongly on the remaining clouds, and the sun appears again.

The roller takes form! It is irresistible! It attracts me, transports me!.

I am a true surfer!

AND YOU? What are you waiting for? Get your board and join me! I am sure your wave is waiting for you!

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