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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret



It happens for all of us from time to time, and it isn’t always easy to get out of what seems to be a demotivational spiral. There are, of course, periods where we are more prone to feel like this. It’s okay, and we shouldn’t beat ourselves.

Still, it is crucial to get out of this non-constructive and non-inspiring spiral if you want to get going in life and if you won’t feel as if you’ve lost your time doing nothing.

There are methods to get up; perhaps you have your ways to deal with it. BaZi and Feng Shui can be good support. In BaZi, we can look for an indication of change, and in Feng Shui, we can use another sector to work or be in.

For those who find it more difficult and don’t have a clue of how to getting up again, here are four small tips :

1- Remind yourself of your strengths and what you are good at – Understand them and revisit them

2- Look for moments of recognition from the past – Look for moments where people praised you and where you felt having done your very best. Matching these two will create good energy

3- Small activities – even if you lack drive. Prepare small projects or small actions that you like. It can be organizing a dinner with your friends or a good meal to share with your family.

4- Reward yourself – acknowledge the work you do and the efforts you make. Even when you do things for yourself, you must take the time to be kind to yourself. No one likes to do things without receiving something in return. Try out compassion and goodness.

Feeling empty, tired, or exhausted isn’t pleasant, so we must do our best to get up again and realign with our productive and energetic self to keep track of our objectives.

Heads up and stay confident

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