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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


Everyone dream of this, The Perfect Job, but does it really exist?

I risk to disappoint you a little bit, but your dream job… well, you may very well have to create it. You have to put in the effort and work to get where you want to go, and you also have to consider what the employer or the market wants.

It’s not enough just to be passionate and love what you do. First, you have to know if anyone may be interested in your offer.

There is also another important factor to consider; can you achieve the level of success you want in the job you think fits you?

Out of my personal experience, you cannot fit in everywhere. Even if you may be good at something, it doesn’t mean that you will have the success you hope for. I have many experiences, and some sectors were not meant for me - even if I put in all the efforts I could.

So when I first got acquainted with BaZi Personality Profiling, a new perception opened up for me. First of all, I learned a lot about myself, about what I had to change and do differently. Secondly, I learned that the industry, combined with the job role I had, wasn’t a good fit.

My BaZi Profile has helped me understand my talents and what professional path to focus on to attain my objective.

I still work every day on getting even better. I acquire new skills in my field and continuously add new side knowledge to widen my expertise range.

I have learned to step up and do differently. My expectations and my perception have changed. I grow, and things feel a lot easier. As I get better, my goals evolve, and my passion for what I do fulfill me every day,

And you? Have you found you Perfect Job?

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