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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


Yes, BaZi is a fantastic tool and can open your perception to your opportunities and inborn talents to create and achieve your desired life. No doubt about that.

Still, it is necessary to maximize what you have been given and what you do in your everyday life. Even if you know what you can attain, well, you need to align your efforts and mindset with your goals. Without this base, it can be challenging to get where you want – and you can even add other aspects such as TIME, ENERGY, SKILLSET.

As to the Time aspect – how do you use the time offered to you every single day. How do you optimize it? Do you continue learning, meeting new people even remotely, or doing important things for your future? Do you plan your time in order not to waste it? Even time with yourself exercising or other activities to stay in shape or to gather strength should be on your schedule to avoid being in a free flow.

And your Energy level - Take a moment every day to ask yourself: How do I feel today? On a scale of 1-5, how do I feel? Do I feel good and positive? Do what you can to keep this energy at a high vibrational level – without exaggerating, of course - as you will have more drive, motivation and it may even impact your confidence level positively. Dance, sing out loud, jump – shake your body and mind, and you’ll notice the difference.

And what about your Skillset? Are you already an expert and not capable of going higher? If not so, continue learning. And if you are already the very best in your profession, learn something new. It’s important to continue expanding as it will enhance your personal and professional value and may set you apart from others.

Of course, other factors to maximize our potential exist, but

with these three alone, we can achieve great results.

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