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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


I would never have believed that it could be so demanding to challenge myself.

Twenty-two days ago, along with my Master in Chinese Metaphysics, I gave myself a 30 Day Challenge. I thought that it would be way easier if I had someone to motivate me and pull me, but I have reached a point where I say to myself: Why - But why????????

Of course, I know why, but it can feel insurmountable when the energy level is lower than usual.

And in fact, I gave myself more than one challenge. I challenged myself to succeed TWO.

So this morning, I have decided to work in another area of my home. As a Feng Shui consultant, I work with the energies in my environment according to my activities. Usually, I work in the most productive sector, but this morning as my mind seems to need another energy, I have decided to benefit from another energy. And it works. While writing this blog post, I feel calmer and less “out-of-breath.”

So when you have things to do or projects to finish, listen to your inner needs. And I will even give you these two indications: if you have a long TO-DO list today, choose to work in the South-East sector of your home, and if you have lessons to learn or take up a new course, you should use the South-West sector to benefit from the energies.

By the way, these energies are for the rest of the year.

Stay productive and choose the right sector.

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