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Perseverance and patience

Have you experienced the importance of not giving up when you have a goal? And how crucial it is to stay strong and not sway?

Last week, I wrote about how nervous I was to start filming the videos for my Feng Shui & Hygge DIY online course and how I had decided to jump into this great adventure.

And I did jump in. But the path to having a good product can be a bit (very) complicated to realize.

I deleted the first videos as I hadn’t brought the dynamic I aim for. The second ones “died” the same way but this time because of a mic issue. The third attempt was pretty okay; the sound was okay; the image was fine, too; the content was great also, BUT not me. The rhythm was too slow, and it was as if I didn’t breathe at all. I felt exhausted when I visioned the videos.

So here I am, since last week, no videos yet to build my course. BUT I have learned a lot, and every part of this process until now has made me understand the final product I want to offer.

So I will get back on my feet again. A part of the nervousness has disappeared, and that’s the first giant leap.

The second leap will be when I start the filming of the English version of my course. The first will be in French.

Lucky me, I love challenges and can go very far on challenges.

I can’t wait to share with you the final product!

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