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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


Yesterday, I took a moment to plan my week thoroughly, knowing that I want to achieve some precise goals by the end of THIS month.

I use a relatively simple notebook as I know that my best and worst distraction can be planning. I love to plan, but sometimes it takes overhand, and I plan without having the time to execute what I intended. Also, this morning, I recalled an article from last October about Marie Kondo's advice to get our office cleaned and re-read it during a "tea-break".

You can find the links on my blog, both the English and the French version of these hints.

I hope that it will give you as much inspiration as I got to tidy your office.

This is the English version:

I have started my cleaning, but a pretty big job is left, and I want to finish in December. I want to get it done before 2021 to start a brand New Year having cleaned the spaces and areas in my entire home. I love doing this every year. I get rid of - or give away - what I don't want to bring with me in the new year.

Have fun!

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