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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


According to the Chinese Tong Shu Calendar, it’s a good day with beneficial energies. It is a so-called Open Day.

This means that the energies are favourable – and open to receive and give positive support in productive activities and thoughts. BUT it’s important to know that it can also enhance any negative endeavour and amplify silliness.

Keep a harmonious and optimistic attitude.

So what would it be good to do on such a day? Well, why not focusing on what you want to do in these five last weeks of 2020. Even if the year has been a bit tough, it went by rather quickly despite all and has eventually opened new perspectives.

Take a moment and define the rest of the year. – why not write it down to keep track or find an image representing your ideal achievement. Or download a song inspiring you to keep going.

If you want to start a new career or have a side-job aligned with your passion, find a working place where you can plan and create your future.

Take time to prioritize what you need to get done to create what you want – not the easy stuff! Prioritize what may be the hardest to change or make. It’s what we postpone way too long. Once this done, it may only encourage you in your engagement. Don’t forget to be proud of yourself even for the small steps taken. They are often the hardest to take.

So let’s go – let’s define how to end with style the last weeks before the New Year.

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