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At the end of October, I gave myself not ONE but TWO Challenges.

I’m halfway through the first Challenge, and there is no doubt I will succeed in it. And theeen - there is this second one…

I am working on it every day. I prepare what needs to be prepared before the beginning of what frightens me the most. It’s incredible how I can continue to prepare preparing just because I fear the next step. Therefore, I tell people about it rather often, and I also mention that I’ll get it done and launch on November 28.

I wouldn’t want to disappoint myself. So I have to go for it. Anyway, each time I step out of my comfort zone, I am proud of myself and feel stronger. So that’s why I jump into the second phase in a few minutes.

I will start filming the online course that I want to launch on November 28 – this year. Not next year nor two or three years from now. This year.

It’s an online DIY Feng Shui & Hygge course. An easy and straightforward tool to use to live, feel, and be better in our environment.

I will come back tomorrow, hoping to have filmed two or three modules.

Let's go!

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