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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


It’s an excellent day or evening to start removing – remove in you, around you, in your life.

If you already have started gaining clarity of what you want to achieve, well, it’s time to consider what might possibly prevent you from reaching this life goal.

Become aware of who you are, what you have, and if it really does represent you. To attain your true aspiration, and make it fit your personality and identity, you have to make room for it.

I know this fantastic exercise that works all the time, well for me it does. When I feel that the moment has come and I need change, that the time has come to get rid of what I don’t want any more, I start as foolishly as it may seem with my wardrobe. I have absolutely no clue why it works, but it’s like a new start every time. I remove, sort out, put away, give away, and put aside. And while my wardrobe changes, the same thing happens in my mind.

I love this exercise, and sometimes I continue in other rooms of the house or even on my schedule. (No, not in my husband’s wardrobe. I have promised not to).

It’s is so beneficial to me. It makes me feel so much better! I feel like breathing again. I suppose that it prepares me mentally to get more proactive in attaining my real goal.

You should try it too. Perhaps, it may work for you as well.

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