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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

The BaZi (Chinese Astrology) Identities – Earth Element

Let's discover the BaZi Identities of the Earth Element, Wu et Ji.

If you want to see the video, you can access it here:

Earth Day Masters are very different from the others, as they are the only one’s not moving. 

You know the saying: Silence is Gold – well, these Identities are just the same. They are quiet and tough, and naturally, people trust them. This again means that they are sincere and display a lot of integrity. Therefore they are considered dependable and steady friends. 

So let’s get started with the Yang version, Wu.

The images related to this Identity are those of big mountains, giant boulders, and rocks.

The most notable character traits are their stable and trustworthy nature. They are very protective and family-oriented and will, as such, be very protective when it comes to their family members. 

They can also be somewhat moralistic and perfectionist, which means that when their mind is set, you should be very – very - persuasive if you want to make them perceive things your way.

They are grounded, and by nature, they are contemplative, and they tend to procrastinate. But at the same time, a mountain “just” do this all the time. Contemplate in a non-moving way.

This is the little difference between the Yang and the Yin version. Wu (the Yang Version) can be quite stubborn and are usually relatively unwavering in their attitude.

They tend to display the same characters in their job, as they find it difficult to separate their work and personal life.

Their colleagues will see them as inflexible and headstrong. Simultaneously, even at the job, an Earth Day Master can be protective and will not take any action that could hurt anyone on purpose.

In business, the Wu Identity tends to be feeling-oriented. They can also be a bit moody and will heed only their advice. So to be able to consider things from another perspective, they should proceed with an open mindset.

The advice for a Wu person to change and grow would be to :

Listen - Learn - And – Observe - See how things work and how others do them.

Let’s go further to the Yin version - JI

The images to this softer version are those of the soil, the sand, the soft soil.

And this makes it understandable right away that Ji is more productive, tolerant, and resourceful than their counterpart, and also that they aren’t very good at making quick decisions.

Characterwise, they are resourceful, multitalented, and productive. Just like the soil, that receives the seeds of any kind and can make grow a multitude of plants. 

This also means that they are creative and considerate. They tend to have a good memory and that for the majority, they are instinctive. 

And they are the ones enjoying the Good Life.

At work, they will keep a pleasant attitude. They are compliant and caring. They are well organized, and they have a knack for unifying teams. Therefore, they would fit well as a leader.

In business, just like the characteristics of the soil, they service-oriented. The earth provides services for the plants and trees. They often accumulate academic knowledge – this is one of their ways to grow. And they are not as independent as the Yang version, they prefer joint ventures, and they love making deals.

The advice for them to progress would be :

Learn to believe in yourself. Enhance your ability or skill to find resources and learn to serve and help others. Don’t underestimate or overestimate this. You are not being “used” because you serve and help others. Think about it this way – it is better to be useful than useless.

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