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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

Les Identités du BaZi (Chinese Astrology) – Élément Métal

A new chapter about the BaZi Identities; the Metal element, Geng and Xin.

If you want to see the video, you can access it here:

Metal Day Masters are those from the 4th element and the traits they have in common are:

Tough and just, righteous, fair and square. AND they are altruistic and resilient as well.

And that is almost the only traits they share.

Let’s start as always with the Yang version - Geng.

The images of Geng are those of raw Iron, Axes, Swords – hard metal.

Geng Metal people are tough and they are able to withstand adversity. They can also be very stubborn and inflexible. They are of great endurance.

They love challenges and are competitive, but they find it hard to admit defeats.

Although these seemingly rough traits, they are very altruistic, and they are able to stand up and fight for the oppressed. They value their relationships with their family and loved ones, and they are very loyal.

And as you may have understood, they have a very strong character.

In their job, they are often called the General as they are able to manage the teams and get things executed. Often they even like to do things themselves, to ensure that the results are of their liking. They are able to withstand pressure and may even fare better on pressure. But they aren’t really what we may call meticulous. Their way of doing is : Hasty and Rush.

Geng persons can be trusted as they are loyal and they are system-followers.

One of the things they have to learn is to be more soft and less rude with their colleagues as they tend to give ultimatums and stay inflexible.

In business they prefer flying solo as they aren’t good of embracing the style of others. They have to take care though and not burn the bridges as they may be visionary. And despite of what we may think they are rather risk averse. So clearly, if they want to make deals they would need to soften themselves and be a bit more smooth.

One of the advices for a Geng personality would be to learn to make quicker decisions. They have hundreds of ideas all the time and once gone through their thoughts they tend to forget. So, for you – Geng Identity – learn to TOUCH AND DO. And follow through on your ideas. Don’t stop halfway.

Now, let’s get on with the Yin version – Xin

And here the images are totally different. This metal is associated with Jewelry, Gem Stones, Gold and Silver jewels…

Xin persons are rather different compared to the Yang version who loves to go all by himself. These persons are true attention-grabbers. They like to be in the limelight and be “on the front” at any occasion.

Often they are elegant, glamourous and sophisticated, nothing strange when we know their tendency to love attraction. They are also witty and eloquent and even talkative.

Never to forget that their innate nature is also tough and obstinate, so if you want to make them listen to you, you’d better adopt a subtle and gentle approach.

They are very talented and also rather materialistic and status- conscious.

But despite this sort of “See me and pay attention to me” attitude, they are also sentimental individuals and they put high value in their relationship with their family, their friends and loved ones.

At work, they are quite different than their counterpart. They are meticulous, plays politics and calculative. We can also add tactical-minded and that they love facts and figures. And they are very good at delegating and they tend to talk more than they do. They may find it difficult in getting things done.

If they want to go into business, they will be much better off surrounding themselves. They need team support and they aren’t very good with money. And what’s more important they tend to be swayed or easily convinced by others.

One advice for a Xin Metal person would be to learn to negotiate, to communicate and convince and persuade. This would make them less influenceable.

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