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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

The BaZi (Chinese Astrology) Identities – Water Element


In this chapter about the BaZi Identities, you will learn about the fifth group, those of the Water element Ren and Gui.

If you want to see the video, you can access it here:

Water Day Masters are the identities the most on the move of all five, just like the natural form of the element of Water. Their common traits are:

Ability to move, flow, and change forms – meaning way of thinking and acting. And they are very secret as Water is capable of harbouring a secret.

Water identities are also related to the notions of intelligence and wisdom as the water element represents the thoughts and the intuition.

These personalities cannot stay still and will often be on the move. And not to forget, they need a diversified job to succeed and fulfill themselves. They are not fit to do the same things over and over again.

Now let get started with the Yang Water Identity, Ren.

The images are those of the oceans, the seas, large rivers, fast running water.

Ren people are go-getter types, very adventurous, and they need to feel the adrenaline.

They are adaptive, open-minded, and often extrovert. They detain a constant force - have a never-ceasing movement, bringing a sense of impatience and quick-temper.

And at the same time, they are analytical and thoughtful. Very quick to recognise openings or opportunities coming their way.

At work, they are innovative, fast, and very accurate and precise. They analyse everything and are sensitive to others' mindset. They sometimes seem to know how their colleagues feel.

In business, they have a very entrepreneurial attitude. They are capable of thinking big, ambitious, and driven. They learn fast, are very independent, and cost-conscious. They are able to grasp the global view of any business.

Having said all this, Ren people are very easily distracted and would be better of sticking to the plan, as they find an interest in various topics and like to find out more whenever they can.

The advice for a Ren person would be double: Get clarity and obtain capital. Learn to communicate and be precise. Get people to believe in you and your ideas – sell your vision and dreams.

So let's get on with the Gui persons.

The images are those of rain, mist, morning dew, clouds..

The quicker version of the water element.

Gui water personalities are more passive than the Yang version and are often introverted. Still, they are on the move too, especially when it comes to thinking. They never stop.

They are idealistic, creative, wise, and perceptive. They are those we call the instinctive and intuitive ones.

And as the natural element, they are changeable and can be rather moody.

At work, they can't keep still in one place and need to move all the time. They tend to lack sustaining power, as they feel the need to change very quickly – in fact, they are easily bored. They are multi-taskers. They can have an eye on several things at the same time. They should be aware that they have an unpredictable character and may, as such, unsettle their colleagues.

In business, they are not that good in the long term as they find it hard to work in a structure. They are excellent at teaching, and the Gui persons are totally driven by passion and their deep need for freedom. So when they set their mind to success, they'd better make their structure and learn to be as disciplined as possible to get things done. Or surround themselves.

Saying that they can be excellent mentors, teachers or coaches as they are very sensitive to others' feelings and have a strong intuition.

The advice to progress would be: listen to your instinct and develop your business acumen. This way, you'll increase your ability to anticipate and feel what is coming.

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