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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

The BaZi Identities (Chinese Astrology) - Fire Element

The second "chapter" about the BaZi Day Masters; meet the Yang and Yin versions of the Fire Element, Bing and Ding.

The images associated are:

The Sun for the Yang version – Bing

A Candle for the Yin version – Ding

These two images already make it understandable the big difference between the two versions. Still, both share some basic characteristics as being both:

Warm, friendly, expressive, passionate, and compassionate. And they can both be very tempered.

Let's get started with Bing, the Yang version.

The image of Bing is the Sun that radiates and emanates warmth. This means that a Bing Day Master often touches or influences others at some point in time.

They have a warm and generous character. They are easy-going and have a "Never Say Die" attitude. They are unrelenting, and they care for others. They are jovial, free, and relax. And of course universal – they can go everywhere – who doesn't like the Sun?

At work, a Bing Fire Day Master will display a routine-driven and self-motivated character. They are also very energetic, fun-loving, and deep. And they like the world to revolve around them.

No matter what, they will do what they can to keep their routine. Just like the Sun that rises in the morning and sets in the evening. No matter what season or the weather condition, the Sun will persist in this.

Fun aside about this: If your ex-partner, even after breaking up, keeps coming back – relentlessly – this might give you a hint - perhaps he or she is a Bing Fire: Good Luck to make him or her understand that it's over.

In Business, Bing Fire Day Masters prefer using the Tried-and-True Way. They rarely innovate as they love what has been proven by routine – once again- so this means that they love systems and that they can be rather risk-averse.

For a Bing Fire Day Master to feel happy, they should be aware that they need intimacy and that they also need to receive love and care.

And the advice for this Day Master would be to develop the Power of Persistence; learning not giving up half-way, to stay focused. And to go out and meet people.

Let's continue with the Ding Fire Day Master.

You remember that the image associated with the Yin version is that of a Candlelight.

This signifies that just like a candle, the Ding Fire Day Masters are like the soft and graceful candlelight that illuminates and light up others paths.

They are responsible, obedient, and by default, kind and gentle. They are also detailed-oriented, meticulous, and well-mannered by nature and may even be able to be self-sacrificial.

They tend to be constant questioners and are rather philosophical. Though these peaceful and pleasant characteristics, you should consider that they can be impulsive and temperamental too.

Let's make a little pause to compare the two Fire Day Master. Who do you think may have the strongest temper – Bing or Ding? Naturally, we would all say Bing because of the Sun, but Ding is actually much more impressive. Haven't we all seen images of how a little "innocent" fire has turned into a huge unmanageable fire? So there you see, appearances can be misleading.

At work, the pleasure and entertainment aspect is very important for the Ding Fire, though they may, at times, be strongly critical and meticulous. One of their strong professional characteristics is that they are good leaders; they inspire others and are good motivators.

In business, they are sales- and results-oriented, and they tend to improve themselves continuously. They are also science and facts based, and as such, they are quick at making decisions.

For a Ding Fire Day Master to feel happy will come through acquiring more knowledge. They love to learn and understand; in fact they need to know.

And if the need for progressing may show up, the advice would be to focus on learning to sell and "influence" others; in other words, learn to communicate intelligently.

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