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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret

The Year of the Water Rabbit

Discover sign by sign what to consider to make it a great year!

The Rabbit in 2023:

It will be a positive year, so it's time to step up and take action to achieve your goals. There are many good elements available, but it still means doing what it takes to benefit from them.

Be proactive and step up for yourself and your dreams. You will get attention, so step out of your comfort zone, and you will see changes come your way.

It's also a perfect year to take a new course or study.

The Dragon in 2023:

A year of positive changes and challenges.

You benefit from the "Sun" energy or element. It means that people will come to you as they do when the Sun is shining. They will see you as a support, and they may expect more or less that you can find the solution for them. So it's a year to build genuine care for others which again will mean caring for yourself. There's nothing more rewarding than supporting others and making a difference in their lives.

And as we often say, when you help others, you help yourself.

The Snake in 2023:

It will be a busy and hectic year.

You may be able to make bonds crossing boarding physically or online. The elements will support you to connect across waters and build a new network mixing with like-minded people.

The year will also be very beneficial to seek coaches or mentors, but be sure to have a clear goal first.

The year may bring opportunities to "surround yourself" with many interesting people.

The Horse in 2023:

The year will be under the sign of happiness and good relationships.

The elements may provide you with strategies and ways to build what you aspire to.

You may be able to perceive the gaps in people's needs and desires and build a business that can meet their aspirations. You may even be able to make long-term social and close relations.

Beware also not to put too much pressure on yourself. Don't give in to your negative internal self-thoughts, and also learn to release inner tension.

The Goat in 2023:

It will be the perfect year to find solutions to existing problems.

The elements will guide you to eliminate existing problems in your life. They will not disappear by themselves; you will be able to find the way out. And you will do even better if you take the time to understand what created them in the first place.

It may be the year where you can aspire for promotion et be seen as more valuable if, of course, you have the ability or skills. So if needed, pick up the skills to benefit from this.

The Monkey in 2023:

The year will be the year to build your Sixth Sense and Intuitive powers.

It doesn't mean that you will become a magician or sorcerer, but rather that you will find it easier to increase your consciousness by connecting with your spiritual power. Don't think about religion. Spirituality is more like being more prone to understanding thought patterns and feelings and having an open mind to see more profound than what meets your eye.

Rooster in 2023:

A year of changes – significant changes.

Whether you like changes or not, the elements align in that direction. The best advice is to decide on the changes you want to experience and then direct the changes in your favor.

So be proactive, make the decisions that can lead you to your desired life, and the year will be great.

Change your thoughts and perceptions, and you will more likely be able to achieve what you want. Step up for yourself and your dreams.

The Dog in 2023:

If you are born in the year of the Dog, you are one of the TOP signs in 2023.

This year the elements will make you the Emperor – IF you can take on that role. You may be able to have the influence and the energies of an emperor. That doesn't mean, though, that you can do what you want and behave as it pleases you. Being the Emperor means accessing resources and finding help to get things done.

This again leads to endorsing more responsibilities and being there for others that may need your help.

Don't be afraid – it may change your life, not only in 2023, if you are courageous enough to take on the role of the Emperor.

The Pig in 2023:

The elements are not the best this year as they bring excessive energy.

Thus, it is the year to use this vital energy wisely so it won't be detrimental to you. Learn to channel your energy productively; why not start your own business or pick up a new course or study? If you feel anger, turn it into passion by directing your attention to another topic or thing.

Use your energy as a breakthrough element, and you will be fine. Pay attention to how you want your life and not what others say or think.

The Rat in 2023:

You will be able to make a pivot this year.

If you think it's time to change and do differently, well, go for it. The energies and the elements will support you. So take action on them. Develop the skillset you need to make this pivot, which may stay for a lifetime.

You may feel more confident and have a knack for understanding how to stand up for your values. Believe in yourself, and you may even be able to create better social connections, especially if you learn to understand your own needs. This way, you will be better at perceiving others' needs.

The Ox in 2023:

As for the Pig, you are not lucky either this year.

BUT it can be an exciting year where you will learn to Change. Start fresh if you feel the need for it. Start over. And you can achieve this by learning to understand yourself. Learn to see inwards and perceive your feelings and thoughts from another angle. It may actually lead you to better self-knowledge of what you want and don't want. Learn to set boundaries to what you want and don't want. Spend time to understand what works for you and how you can improve.

The Tiger in 2023:

Your happiness this year may come from solving problems and challenges in life:

yours and others.

So as you have understood, the year will put challenges in your way. But fret not. It may even be rewarding to find solutions to these challenges. By the way, don't forget that you have the essence of the Tiger; energy, courage, and discipline. So what may seem impossible for others will be totally doable for you.

For you, too, the year may be great for increasing or improving your knowledge, as it will lead to improved professional skills and grow your value.

Don't forget that you have more than one animal sign in your profile and may benefit from up to four different energy patterns in four distinct domains of your life. If you want to dig deeper in your perspectives of the year, please do get in touch here

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