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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


As a BaZi and Feng Shui consultant, I work with the energies to feel better, grow personally and professionally, and align my energies with my environment.

Today the energies are those of Success. These energies are strongly supportive of what we start or launch and any contracts to sign. The energies are also excellent to begin a new course or class. There is no need to say that we can't benefit from the energies if we don't take action, how strong and positive they may be.

It's just like planting vegetables in Spring or Autumn. You wait for a good moment, perhaps even you check the lunar calendar, to see if the moment is right. Well, for our endeavours, it's the same.

Assuming you haven't planned to launch, start, or begin something new, you could take some time starting to think differently. Get your mind cleared for limiting thoughts and replace them. Make a reboot. Negative thoughts about your capacities to achieve success will only block you and slow down your progression.

Take a moment, sit down for a moment of autohypnosis, visualization, meditation, focusing. Turn you back to South-West, facing North-East. Clean your mind from the "bad stuff" and replace it with a whole new positive one. It doesn't need to take hours; even ten to fifteen minutes may be enough and can make a difference.


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