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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


There’s a part of spirituality in many of us, and today I allow mine to come out.

In Chinese Metaphysics, it’s a day that contains the perfect energies of a wish-fulfilling day.

The Universe (Spirit – Subconscious mind) and the Stars are aligned to strengthen our wishes. Our part of engagement is to ensure having a positive mindset and positive thoughts.

We need to feel joyful and at ease, be calm and positive, have total clarity of what we want. Be precise and detailed.

And oh… I almost forgot, your wish has to be within your realm of possibilities. If you make a wish intellectually and somehow deep inside know it’s not possible, there will be discord. You may physically and mentally repel your demand as you are not being


A last considerable detail in Chinese Metaphysics for this sort of activity is to use the directions. Directions are known for bringing additional support, as an enhanced connection; the same way we need a good connection to consult the Web.

You can position yourself, if you want to, according to the directional indications below and to your wish:

- A Mentor - someone who can be helpful to you: sit down backing South facing North

- Improvement of Wealth and Career: back North-West and face South-East

- For Healing – better Health: back West and face East

- Better Relations: back North East and face South West

These energies are beneficial for all Chinese Astrology Signs and they are amplified for those of you who are born in a year of Ox, Dragon, Snake, or Rooster.

Make wise and good use of this wish-fulfilling day and take care.

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