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  • Pernille Johnsen Sabouret


Already the 10th day of my 30-Day Challenge, and I keep up the rhythm. The topic of today is one close to my heart and one that passions me. And it's also one of the tools I use to get other people on the path to create the life they desire.


BaZi is a Personality Profiling tool and one of the branches of Chinese Metaphysics.

It originates from the principles of Chinese Astrology, but this shouldn't blur you.

Yes, to create a BaZi Profile, it takes a date and hour of birth and pretty much looks like Astrology. But it most certainly has nothing to do with Fate.

Try to follow me on this. Compare Life as a game – a board game or even a video game. And gaming doesn't necessarily mean not taking is serious. Just look at all those young people who have made video gaming their life. And even stock and equity stakeholders can also be considered part of the gaming world.

In any of these games, you have a plan or a map that you need to explore to win. If you explore it in-depth, you will achieve more significant results. By practicing and using what you have, what you learn, and with strategic tactics, you continuously improve yourself, and at some point in time, you'll win big.

With our Life Path, it's all the same. The better we know ourselves, the more we explore our talents and combine them with the opportunities showing up, the closer we come to our goal. Our confidence will grow, as well as our expertise and value. When we put it all together strategically and wisely, we can actually create the Life we desire.

BaZi Personality Profiling can be compared to this game plan or game map. You can learn more about yourself, your talents, and growth venues and, as such, position yourself with more certainty and confidence. You will be able to "play" as a professional and unleash your full potential to create your breakthrough.

To read more about BaZi and other tools to build your Life, head over to my site's other pages.

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