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Take the Lead - Find Your LifeStyle
Feng Shui and BaZi/Chinese Astrology - Home Organization

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LifeStyle Coaching
Environment - Mindset - Wellness

Be the Captain of your Life
Work with Feng Shui & BaZi 

I feel stuck in my present situation.

How can I change my life?

What can I do to get my motivation back?

How can I rebuild my confidence?


Answers can be found everywhere; in your mind, body, environment, or thought pattern and they can be revealed with Feng Shui and BaZi (Chinese Astrology)

Your mindset can definitely change by getting clarity on your Life Goals and Asp
irations, but you will also need to make the right decisions and take action. Any change will require action, and let it come from yourself.

Your environment also plays a big part in the equation. If you live or work in a space that offers no productive energy or is totally over-cluttered, you cannot expect to feel productive or healthy. 

Your mind and home need to be supportive of you; this comes through clarity and free mental and physical spaces. It's essential for a happy and fulfilled life to be aligned with yourself and your surroundings.

We can make this happen together. And your life will never be the same again. 

Decide to step up for yourself and create the LifeStyle you desire.

Shift your Mindset & Adapt your Environment

Assess your LifeStyle through 

Feng Shui, Organisation & BaZi


Your actions and home mirror WHO you are and WHAT you want to accomplish in life. 


Your mindset and environment are essential to your life.


Your Life Path and Environment need management and organization as it will lead to better perspectives and a more positive attitude. You may also feel more empowered and reenergized, and you will build and boost your Confidence.


With improved understanding of your options and possibilities ans easy and efficient organizational methods, you will clear your mind and spaces lead to happiness, peace of mind, good health, and an overall sense of Well-Being & Well-Living.


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Benefits of "ReDirect" Your LifeStyle

1. Your Goal

Definition of your goal to provide you with a clear and precise vision of the LifeStyle you want to live.

Designing the steps to make your goal achievable and realistic within a reasonable time frame to keep your motivation and direct your actions towards the success you aspire to.

2. Your Personality and Potential Profile

Your Identity DNA and energetic imprint; Be aware of your YOU. Learn to direct your time and efforts.

Meet you deepest Mindset and pure inner Motivation. You'll know what guides you unconsciously and instinctively in your choices and actions. 

Gain confidence to make better decisions and take action.

3. Organized and Energetically Optimized Spaces!

The environment is THE KEY to you Motivation, Energy, Mood, and Inspiration. 


See your spaces with a renewed eye. Understand the notions of Energy (Qi) and Organisation in your environment to benefit from a calm mind and a maximized Living. 

Free your mind and spaces to gain energy and inspiration to create the LifeStyle that you desire.

Understanding Oneself and getting Organised allows to change Life on the long run. Define what you want and take action.

Content and Pricing

BaGua - Feng Shui Sectors by Pernille Feng Shui Montreal Quebec

Feng Shui - BaZi - Home Organization

starts at $997
(Feng Shui - as per the surface)
(as per the option for Organiz

  1. Personalized Document - BaZi Profile

  2. Detailed Feng Shui PDF-report with your home's energy imprint and specific suggestions to free your spaces

  3. Detailed Organization PDF-report and specific suggestions to reorganize your spaces

  4. 4 x Coaching & Advisory Sessions

  5. The Workshop "Feng Shui & Hygge"

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Q & A


Question on any space by video or in-person

(min. 2 hours for in-person)

Any question about your Profile and how to optimize the information

(by video) 

Stop wasting your Talent & Life

Contact Pernille here to discuss your needs


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