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Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology Consultations

Franck C - Entrepreneur
France -Québec

When I first met Pernille Sabouret, I expected more or less to find the same blueprints and overviews with the BaZi Profiling than with other systems.


But I got so many other answers and they largely surpassed my expectations -



Mathilde J

I'd come to a turning point in my professional career. 

Many thoughts were obsessing my mind, and essentially this one:

Am I in the right place?

With your guidance, Pernille, I can confirm - I'm where I am meant to be.

Maya M.

Your advice paid off!

A few months after the consulting, I applied for a new job in my organization and got the job!

A significant promotion. I am so happy to have a job that I adore and have a fantastic boss.

Mathilde J.

Today, I can say it: I'm in the right place! 

I've been working for a Chartered accounting firm in Paris for 12 years now. Today, I have a position as Senior Manager in an international environment, implying that I monitor about thirty staff members and manage above 2M Euros in revenues.

I've come to a point in my career wondering: Am I at the right place? Did I make the right choices? Am I in the right industry considering my personality? Should I change to another company and continue my career as a financial and administrative Manager or stay where I am?

These are some of the reasons I asked Pernille Sabouret for a consultation to have the tools to make the best decision.

The outcome of Pernille's analysis stunned me.

Indeed, the method she uses (BaZi Profiling) is based only on the date and hour of Birth. She didn't know anything about my professional career nor the industry.

Pernille was able to answer every question I had and way beyond. She identified my professional profile. I learned so much about myself and my behavior in the everyday work environment.

I want to thank Pernille for her work, her responsiveness, and the accuracy of the analysis.

I strongly recommend Pernille.

Annie T.

I took the time to read my profile once again after the consultation, and with the clarification you gave me, I understand everything much better know.

It is so accurate, and in addition to that, I realized that what I considered as not "real me," well, in fact, in my childhood, I was precisely like that…

I have learned to transform certain aspects, and this morning, I suddenly recalled it all this morning.

So stunning! 

Thank you so much. I will make good use of it all.

Louise R.

I take a few minutes, to thank you for sharing my Day Master Profile.


It is astonishing how precise this part is about my personality.

I look forward to seeing you again.

Josée C.

I give you some news since we met. I've restarted my sessions of mindfulness meditation and have also added a moment of self-hypnosis.

I'm also researching on the internet to learn how to develop my intuition. Funnily, all the tips they give, well, I did it all before doing my meditation. And in addition to getting aligned, I know that it will help me progress, and at the same time, I can work on the aspects we talked about together.

I am finding back my authenticity, working on my "color" and letting my ego aside while keeping the sense of proportion and not being extravagant. You are doing an outstanding job. You allow people to become a better version of themselves.

I am so grateful to you. It feels like a whole new path opening before me: a clear path – a path with easier access.

Thank you so much. You have made me such a gift!

Frank C.

Turning 50, and I discover that I have been through many psychological tests for my job interviews during the years. I've gone through tests calculating my behavioral and psychological aptitude, and profile readings like Lab Profile, Nova Profile.

When I first met Pernille Sabouret, I expected more or less to find the same blueprints and overviews with BaZi Profiling. Of course, I knew my behavioral structure, my beliefs, and my aptitudes, my strength, and my flaws. In addition to these characteristics, the BaZi Profiling told me of my possible career zones, the size of the companies in which I would fulfill myself, and also the job scope to consider. It also informed me of my limiting structures and the results of abusing my strengths.

Throughout the analysis, I retrieved my whole career, my moments of difficulties, and the choices I've made.

If I were only 20, I would certainly have questioned myself of the truth of my profile. But today, I know that I'm where I'm supposed to be, and this encourages me to continue on my present path.

I recommend Pernille Sabouret's services to anyone trying to figure out their career path, of all ages and from all walks of life. You will be confirmed in your choices or will realign them in another profession.

For any entrepreneur like me, BaZi Profiling, helped me surround myself with people who have complementary skills in any job scope, "Cadre/non-Cadre" and even Associate.

Thank you so much for your approach, the time we spent, and your analysis's richness.

I look forward to collaborating with you again.

Geneviève M.

Thank you so much for your diligence in creating my profile.

Great truths. Some points are already changing, and some are getting uncovered. I want to know more.

Even at my age, life goes on!!!

I will get in touch soon. Once more, thank you.

Gaël S.

BaZi Profiling opens my perceptions of interesting perspectives for a student like me.

Some elements may seem very far from what we do know about our proper personality. However, I have already discovered the underlying of certain aspects. As such, the analysis opens up for a whole new range of possibilities, which is very astonishing.

For a student, BaZi Profiling helps us review or confirm our orientation choices and have a better understanding of our proper operation scheme.

And in addition to that, it allows us to reconsider certain aspects of our personality that we should adjust or be wary of so that we won't be extreme. As such, we have more tools to succeed in our goals.

Ilona V.

The BaZi analysis allowed me to open my eyes to certain facets and aspects of myself and learn new things.

It is fascinating to know for our future, and accessing a personal, relational, and professional plan. It guides us to make better choices as to what fits us the most, and we discover aspects we weren't necessarily aware of.

The elaboration of the analysis allows us not to be confused or to feel lost in our reading.

At times we may question ourselves, but a few lines below, we find the answers to them. It's straightforward reading, and it guides us in this realization of who we are.

Thank you, Pernille, for allowing me to know myself better.

Isabelle D.

Have you ever questioned yourself of WHO you are?

Some months ago, going through one of these moments of questioning approaching the fifties, Pernille suggested creating on my BaZi Profile.

When I read the analysis, I felt like seeing myself in the mirror: I recognized every personality trait. I discovered with surprise and great interest this personalized plan of myself. Thanks to BaZi Profiling, I got conscious of my strengths and flaws. It gave me renewed arms to finally move forward with my personal and professional goals.

The BaZi Profiling analysis is constructed just like a GPS: it guides you to uncharted paths where you discover aspects helping or holding you back. It allowed me to find a renewed inner balance, undo the hubs of my dissatisfaction to undertake a sustainable change in several aspects of my life.

As Lao Tsu said: "He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened."

In moments of doubt, I go through my Profile one more time, and right away, I know that I am on the right path.

I wish you to have access to this guide and to recognize yourself as I did. Pernille did a serious, meticulous, and professional job doing my BaZi Profile. It's the key to a treasure chest: YOURSELF.

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